Yuki Takahashi

I am a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute. I am an applied microeconomist working in the areas of Behavioral Economics, Gender Economics, and Labor Economics.

My research examines how psychological factors such as biases and stereotypes distort individual and group decision-making and proposes effective policy solutions. I primarily rely on the use of laboratory and field experiments to investigate the underlying mechanisms.

I received my PhD in Economics from the University of Bologna in July 2022. I am non-binary (pronoun: they/them). You can find my CV here.

Email: yuki.takahashi@eui.eu
Twitter: @yukitakahashi11

Yuki Takahashi

Working papers

Gender Differences in the Cost of Corrections in Group Work, submitted (Job Market Paper) Abstract Preregistration
Awards: Runner Up Paper Prize at the Annual Southern PhD Economics Conference 2021, Runner-up Award at the 24th Moriguchi Prize Competition

The Effect of Decriminalization of Light Intimate Partner Violence on Married Women's Welfare, submitted Abstract

Are Men Less Generous to a Smarter Woman in a Non-romantic Setting?, R&R Abstract Preregistration

Work in progress

Attention Discrimination in Performance Evaluation (with Boris van Leeuwen)

Are Men Driving Away Women from STEM Fields? (with Chihiro Inoue and Asumi Saito)

Designing a Gender-equitable Promotion System (with Yoko Okuyama and Shintaro Yamaguchi)

Social Norms and Women's Labor Supply (with Ferley Rincón)


Statistical Methods for Business & Economics (Master, Spring 2019, TA, Johns Hopkins University SAIS Bologna)

International Economics (Bachelor, 2010-2011, TA, International Christian University)

Money and Banking (Bachelor, 2010-2011, TA, International Christian University)