Yuki Takahashi


I am a PhD candidate in economics at the University of Bologna. I am a behavioral economist studying gender and inequality issues.

I am currently visiting UC Berkeley. In the past, I have also visited the Norwegian School of Economics' FAIR and Tilburg University's Behavioral Economics Group.

In fall 2022, I will join the European University Institute as a Max Weber Fellow.

Curriculum vitae: here
Email: yuki.takahashi2@unibo.it
Twitter: @yukitakahashi11

Yuki Takahashi

Working papers

Gender Differences in the Cost of Corrections in Group Work (Job Market Paper) Abstract Pre-analysis plan
Awards: Runner Up Paper Prize at the Annual Southern PhD Economics Conference 2021, Runner-up Award at the 24th Moriguchi Prize Competition

The Welfare Effects of Increased Legal Tolerance toward Domestic Violence Abstract

The Role of Gender and Cognitive Skills on Other People's Generosity Abstract Pre-analysis plan

Work in progress

Attention and Memory Discrimination in Teamwork (with Boris van Leeuwen)

Women's Influence on Group Decision-making

Preference for Competition: A Meta-Analysis (with Monika Pompeo and Nina Serdarevic)


Statistical Methods for Business & Economics (Master, Spring 2019) [Teaching Assistant | Johns Hopkins University SAIS Bologna]

International Economics (Bachelor, 2010-2011) [Teaching Assistant | International Christian University]

Money and Banking (Bachelor, 2010-2011) [Teaching Assistant | International Christian University]